Episode 30

Posted: 3rd August 2011 by Jerry in Episodes

“My name is Micheal Caine. Not many people know that.”
– Micheal Caine


We tried something different this time, and it worked well enough we may keep doing it. Right as we began recording we announced on Facebook and Twitter that we were, in fact, recording at that very moment, and invited people to send tweets and FB comments to include in the show.

Several people did. How awesome is that?

So, what’s with the girl with the hookah? Dan talks about a hookah waitress in this episode, and this is the closest thing I could find to a hookah waitress to use for our “honorary absinthe fairy.” I’d give the artist credit but I can’t find who did it, and the place where I snagged the art only showed it in Google, but when I got to the actual site, it wasn’t there. So as far as I (Jerry) know, it’s abandoned art.

[Artist, if this is your’s, let us know so that we can send people to look at more of your works. We love this!]

Lots of absinthe talk on this episode. It’s like we’re becoming an actual, real “absinthe podcast,” thought we stopped doing that “absinthe news” segment with the music because of feedback telling us it was actually kind of annoying. Hey, this is being done for you, we want you happy, informed and entertained, not annoyed. So the absinthe news segment is history.

Other things mentioned in this podcast include bees:

And the “Absinthe Bike” (which Dan thinks is bad-ass, but at least one listener thinks looks like a vegetable diet turd):

There may, or may not, be an episode next week as Jerry will be in Washington DC doing something that has nothing to do with government or protesting … just a plain old business trip.

  1. Melanie says:

    Hee. One bottle graphic, coming up.