Episode Seven

Posted: 14th February 2011 by Jerry in Episodes

This episode's honorary green fairy is none other than Absinthia! Click the picture for her Facebook page...

Happy Valentines Day! Don’t worry, we don’t get mushy. It just happens to be the day this episode goes live.


Most of this episode explores famous absinthe drinkers from the past to the present — though it’s not an exhaustive list. We know we left a lot out. Our source is this article on Absinthe Alchemist by Scotty Bones: The Absinthe Alchemist’s Gallery of Famous Writers & Artists

Here’s another list but it’s a bit suspect because we know they got at least one wrong: Absinthe Drinkers Through the Ages

There’s one science article that deals with Thujone’s effect on the brain in conjunction with alcohol (it seems they work together) and it started talking about how it bonds with the GABA-A receptors.

All I started thinking at that point was GABBA GABBA HEY! You know, from the Ramones song? Then it occurred to us … is this where the Ramones came up with GABBA GABBA HEY? They’re actually singing about the GABA-A receptors in the brain? After all, they were always singing about drugs, sedation, and lobotomies.

I know, it’s a stretch.

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Another link from the show is to:  The Art of Mark Kostabi

Dan is a huge fan of Kostabi and I think after looking it over, so am I. What really got me is this one, which (to me) looks like an avatar from Second Life that’s gone to sleep:

Mark Kostabi - The Weight of Departure

Oh, before I forget – this episode is brought to you by Gloria Oliver, award-winning author of Cross-Eyed Dragon Troubles, Vassel of El, and other great science fiction and fantasy novels. You can find out more about her and her stories over at GloriaOliver.com.

One more bit of randomness before I let you go… Dan grabbed this screen capture from a Rob Zombie cartoon of Poe sitting with a bottle of absinthe sitting in front of him. Notice the spoon and sugar all ready to go.

Actually Poe never drank absinthe.

  1. Pat says:

    Yeah, I remember 20 minute workout. What guy in the 80’s didn’t!

  2. jhemmi says:

    glad to find your feed added to the Mediafly OnAir podcaster! Because of this, your show can be found not only on IOS devices, but also Android, Boxee, Roku, and Western Digital tv, to name a few!

    keep up the good work here at Slow Death, we’ll be listenin’!