Episode 67 – Happy Absinthe Day!

Posted: 5th March 2017 by Jerry in Episodes

So, we didn’t plan on releasing this on Absinthe Day, it just turned out that way. But Happy Absinthe Day nonetheless!

Jerry’s friend and podcaster partner from Only Acceptably Real Podcast (www.acceptablyreal.com) joins in this special episode to tell about his first experiences with absinthe, which is recent since Jerry gave him his first bottle only a few months ago.

Jerry wants to know what he thought of it. How did it make him feel? Did it live up to the hype?

Will he ever drink it again?

Both Joe and Jerry thank Dan for him giving his blessing for this special episode of Slow Death Podcast.

Episode 66

Posted: 30th October 2016 by Jerry in Episodes


It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. We’ve put out a new podcast episode!

Dan and Jerry discuss changing tastes in absinthe, then go on for almost AN HOUR about new vs. old Rocky Horror Picture Show. We both agree that Ivy Levan (who we hereby deem our honorary Absinthe Fairy for 2016) absolutely stole the show as far as the Fox updated Rocky Horror is concerned.

They also go on to discuss Star Wars as a Disney product, the brutal season opener of The Walking Dead, and just about everything else that passes through their whacky absinthe-addled minds.

If you’d like them to actually record more than once a year, you’ve got to let them know.

There’s a comment section right down below…

Episode 65

Posted: 28th March 2015 by Jerry in Episodes

kubler verte suisseBeing that we’re nearly a full year late with this episode, this is undoubtedly old news now. but Jerry and Dan were shocked when the price of Kubler almost doubled and Jerry was determined to find out why.

He did find out why, directly from Kubler, and his findings are faithfully reported in this episode.

Also, it really has been a while, and it will be a while again. Dan and Jerry are just dropping in to let you know that they’re still alive, but there’s been a lot of changes in their lives and careers.

When they began recording this episode it was with the full intention of simply saying thank you and goodbye, that they were putting the podcast to bed. But during the actual recording Dan had another idea.


Episode 64

Posted: 13th April 2014 by Jerry in Episodes

Doge likes absinthe


What does absinthe have to do with creation of the FDA in the United States?

How long was absinthe actually illegal?

(The answer may surprise you!)

What commonly consumed kitchen herbs contain more thujone than absinthe ever did?

Find out this and more in the latest edition of Slow Death in the Afternoon Podcast!