Episode 64

Posted: 13th April 2014 by Jerry in Episodes

Doge likes absinthe


What does absinthe have to do with creation of the FDA in the United States?

How long was absinthe actually illegal?

(The answer may surprise you!)

What commonly consumed kitchen herbs contain more thujone than absinthe ever did?

Find out this and more in the latest edition of Slow Death in the Afternoon Podcast!

Episode 63

Posted: 8th March 2014 by Jerry in Episodes

Fairy_020And here we are, 15 months later, with a new episode.


We discuss Heritage absinthe; Dan admits the sin of “Fireball;” Jerry discusses his love for Jagermeister and other things that taste like medicine (including medicine). The boys talk about absinthe gone bad. Also they admit the world didn’t end, and pretty much try and get caught up on things.

Jerry also touches on the business of content, and asks who out there listing are of the creative persuasion … and would they be interested in a podcast about creating content for the Internet?

Music at the end of this episode is courtesy of Jim’s Big Ego who are, by the way, awesome.

Episode 62

Posted: 18th December 2012 by Jerry in Episodes

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.19.48 PMOh my goodness, can you believe it? A new episode? Yes! And just in time too … squeaking in one last podcast before the end of the world.


Jerry gives his rather inept review of Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte, and then does something unorthodox with it. Dan reciprocates and does something blasphemous with his absinthe as well, thus giving you, dear listener, two examples of what not to mix with absinthe.

The boys wrap up reports from across the world about what loony things people are doing because of the end of the Mayan calendar, and reveal their plans for surviving, or at least, celebrating, and speculate on what, and when, it will actually happen. Or fail to happen.

Other scintillating things discussed are Katy Perry vs. Pink, or which one is more likely to kick their asses. Jerry dredges up the amazing fact that Joan Rivers once directed a movie staring Billy Chrystal.

If you’re not otherwise busy at the end of the world, join us!

Episode 61

Posted: 8th September 2012 by Jerry in Episodes
Absinthe by Liga Marta

Absinthe by Liga Marta

First and foremost, check out this beautiful painting by Liga Marta. We love it! You can click it to see the original over on Deviant Art.


Our summer hiatus lasted a bit longer than we’d anticipated, but we’re back! You can tell Jerry is out of practice as he announces the show as “Slow Deeth in the Afternoon.” No, that was not on purpose.

Many interesting things discussed on this episode, including how to finance your absinthe with reckless abandon, and we also … just for the heck of it … include a snippet of audio of a woman high on LSD.

Also, Dan and Jerry are thinking of pitching a show to the Food Network called, “What were you drinking?!”

We ask ourselves that constantly.